A) Ferrous Products

Flat products

  1. Hot Rolled Coils & Sheets & Plates
  2. Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets & Plates
  3. Galvanized Coils & Sheets
  4. PPGI
  5. TinPlate

Semi Finished Products

  1. Billets
  2. Slabs
  3. Ingots

Long Products

  1. Wire Rods
  2. DeBars / Rebars
  3. Sections
  4. Light Sections
  5. Medium Sections
  6. Heavy Sections

Raw Material

  1. Iron ores
  2. Bauxite
  3. Copper Concentrate
  4. Chrome Ore

B) Non Ferrous Metals

  1. Nickel
  2. Zinc
  3. Copper
  4. Aluminum


Trade Finance

The Group seeks to mitigate all aspects of credit / counterparty, political and price risks in the execution and management of its trading business. As physical traders, we are exposed to all these risks on a daily basis. We have thus, developed a culture of proactive risk management. This is the key approach to all aspects of our business, and all levels of our team (commercial, operational, trade/finance) emulate this practice. We continue to develop risk management processes and solutions with the aim to simultaneously enhance our internal controls as well as creating external innovative opportunities and solutions


The Group has in-house logistics services, which aim to facilitate the transport of metals, steel and raw materials from producer to purchaser in the most cost effective and safe manner. We have a team of professionals based in our three main trading hubs – Singapore, UK and Hong Kong and our local logistics representative spread worldwide, who work towards providing the best solutions and methodology to manage the logistics of the trade

Our logistics teams are expert in dealing with complex supply-chain issues, including consolidation of materials from multiple sources and ensuring that goods arrive on time, in full, in good condition at your chosen destination around the world.